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Film news for the week of 8/28

August 27, 2009

Hello upstate film buffs!  We’ve had so much good news this past month, that you might start taking all of these great independent and limited release films for granted.  Well, here’s to high-class problems, am I right?

The Girl from Monaco is being held over for another week @ Cherrydale cinemas, and starting fresh on Friday 8/28 is the quirky mockumentary Paper Heart.  This one comes from the mind of writer and performance artist Charlyne Yi (who you might remember stealing a few scenes in Knocked Up), as she sets out to prove the non-existence of love.  Expect lots of cameos from this era’s scruffiest rising comedy stars.

View the trailer here:

The word “cute” is overused, but what else can you say?

Thanks once more for your continued attendance, and we’ll see you this week at the movies!


New film for 8/21: The Girl from Monaco

August 20, 2009

Alright cinefiles, starting tomorrow @ Cherrydale cinemas in Greenville, Friday 8/21, is a new romantic gem from France: The Girl from Monaco.  This shrewd and sexy farce comes to us from director Anne Fontaine, who helms the upcoming foreign Academy Award hopeful Coco Before Chanel, which we might see in the coming months as well.

You can catch the trailer here:

Our numbers continue to be strong, so keep coming out to the movies!

See you there!


3rd week for Hurt Locker, 2nd for Food Inc., NEW MOVIES, plus a fest @ the Peace Center! Whew!

August 12, 2009

The good news keeps rolling in as the weeks progress. The Hurt Locker‘s crazy success has secured it a third consecutive week @ Cherrydale in Greenville, and the word of mouth on indie doc Food Inc. has earned it another week on the roster as well.  Both these films are gripping in their own right, so if you haven’t ventured out to see them yet, now’s the time!

This good news is amplified by the fact that there is yet another independent feature headed our way, set to start this Friday, 8/14.  That makes a record THREE screens @ Cherrydale delegated to salving your summer blockbuster burnout!

Our incoming feature this week is The Stoning of Soraya M., a grizzly depiction of moral fundamentalism run amok in modern day Iran.  This polarizing, American made film features Jim Caviezel, and Oscar nom Shohreh Aghdashloo .

View the trailer here:

We here at the UFS want to thank EVERYONE who has come out to see these films so far, your numbers are really making a swift and decisive difference in the upstate’s indie film culture.  THANK YOU, and keep coming out!

In further news, the Peace Center will be featuring a series of up and coming southern filmmakers over the next several months, and we thought it would be more than prudent to suggest you attend any or all of the following screenings:

Southern Circuit Tour of Independent Filmmakers

Dare Not Walk Alone (Jeremy Dean, producer/director); September 14, 7:30

Pants on Fire (Colin Campbell, producer/director); October 5th, 7:30

Milking The Rhino (David E. Simpson, producer/director); November 8th, 3:00

Visual Acoustics: The Modernism of Julius Shulman (Eric Bricker, producer/director); February 3rd, 7:30

The Reckoning: The Battle for the International Criminal Court (Paco de Onis, director and Pamela Yates, producer); March 12, 8:00

Bleacher Boys (Karen Hunter, producer); April 5, 7:30

For more details, visit the Peace Center Website @

See you at the movies!


Hurt Locker held over, Food Inc. coming this Fri 8/7

August 4, 2009

If you haven’t caught The Hurt Locker yet, you have at least another week to check it out, as it’s now being held over due to an overwhelming response.  Refer to the last post for all the deets on this riveting action/drama from Dir. Kathryn Bigelow.

In other great news, our next scheduled feature, documentary Food Inc., is still set to make it’s Upstate premier this Friday, Aug 7th @ the Cherrydale.  This revealing food industry exposé is garnering excellent reviews, and could send you out of the theater with serious questions about what you bought from the concession stand.

View the trailer here:

Thanks to everyone who’s been coming out!  We’re proving to be a great succsess so far!  Let’s keep it up!