THREE new films for Friday, 10/2

October 1, 2009

After a brief week’s hiatus, Regal and the UFS are back glutting the public with fine indie fare from across the globe.  This week, starting Friday 10/2, we’ve got a whopping three, count ’em three, limited release features for the upstate viewing community.  Get ’em while they’re hot!

We start off the count with the always controversial Michael Moore, and his newest documentary Capitalism: A Love Story.  Love him or hate him, Michael Moore always proves to be the most entertaining modern political satirist of our time, and checking out his latest call-to-arms will, at the very least, give the family something to scream about on the car ride home.  This film will be playing at Cherrydale AND Hollywood 20 in Greenville, so be sure to check it out.

Next we’ve got the surrealist comedy Cold Souls, from avant garde international director Sophie Barthes.  This cerebral doozy stars the ever-exasperated Paul Giamatti as himself, looking to put his literal soul into cold storage in order to bring some levity to his crushing creative existence.  Deadpan wackiness ensues.  This film will be playing exclusively at Cherrydale.

Last up on the docket, we’re bringing in the rousing concert film, Soul Power.  This sonic flashback chronicles the oft forgotten musical cacophony that coincided with the “Rumble in the Jungle” boxing event that exploded pop culture circa 1974.  James Brown dominates, but Cuban juggernaut Celia Cruz stops the show more than once, among others.  This one will be a Cherrydale exclusive.

And now, the media parade:

On a final note, check out the film Pants on Fire, Monday, October 5th, 7:30pm @ the Peace Center.  As part of the Southern Film Circuit, it could prove rewarding for you, and the Southern indie film community.

For lots more info, visit www.pantsonfiremovie.com

See you this weekend, at the movies!


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