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New films for 11/20

November 19, 2009

Hello all!  As awards season heats up, we’ve got a couple more notable films rolling our way for the week of 11/20.  Heads up!

First off, we’ve got the British coming-of-age tale, An Education.  This one stars relative newcomer Carey Mulligan as self-possessed school girl caught between the desire to study at Oxford, and the lusty intrigue brought her way by a sophisticated older man (ubiquitous Peter Sarsgaard).  Miss Mulligan is generating major Oscar buzz, so Academy fans should mark this one down.  The film starts Friday @ Cherrydale.

Second comes the controversial hurricane that is Precious: Based on the Novel PUSH by Saphire.  Unless you’ve been spelunking for the past three months, you’ve heard much about this gritty, dark urban fable concerning an obese Harlem teen, and her outrageously severe hardships.  The incredible star turn by comedy mainstay Mo’Nique is more than worth the price of admission.  The film starts Friday, city-wide.

Here’s the good stuff:


See you at the movies!


TWO new films for 11/13

November 12, 2009

After a little dry spell a couple weeks back, it appears we’re back in spades with two new films starting Friday, 11/13.  First up is A Serious Man, the new film from deadpan quirk-masters Joel and Ethan Coen.  Critically polarizing, the story tracks a Jewish man on a particularly bumpy path toward spiritual clarity.  Second, we’ve got Pirate Radio, starring Philip Seymore Hoffman and Bill Nighy.  Originally titled The Boat that Rocked, the film follows a motley crew of counter-culture music enthusiasts as they illegally broadcast from the middle of the North Sea, much to the chagrin of the British government.

Here’s some stuff to look at:

These two start playing regularly @ Regal Cherrydale Cinemas in Greenville on 11/13.  So get on out there Upstate, and we’ll see you at the movies!


New film starting 11/6

November 4, 2009

Hey there viewers, if you loved (or maybe just liked) last season’s Girl from Monaco, you’ll most definitely want to check out this week’s new film:  Coco Before Chanel hits this Friday, 11/6 @ Cherrydale cinemas.  This one comes from French Girl director Anne Fontaine, and follows fashion pioneer Coco Chanel from her beginnings as a young poverty-born orphan, to her eventual placement atop the throne of androgynous, Parisian haute-couture.  Check it out!



So, check your listings, and we’ll see you at the movies!