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News for 6/11

May 28, 2010

Welcome film buffs!  This week the bonafide international blockbuster: The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo continues at the Regal Cherrydale Cinema.  Based on the novel of the same name, this dark Swedish thriller follows two fringe personalities–one a detective, the other a computer hacker–as they investigate a series of murders that link back to the town’s most ancient and secretive family.

An American remake is already in the works, so hurry over to Cherrydale and catch this one before Hollywood waters it down!

See you there!


Greenberg comes 5/21

May 20, 2010

Alright cineastes, we’ve got a new film rolling exclusively into Cherrydale cinemas, starting Friday 5/21.  Greenberg is the new overground breakout from upper-middle-class-misery auteur Noah Baumbach.  Starring Ben Stiller, the story follows a man trying to reconnect with life as he house-sits for 6 weeks in Los Angeles, eventually finding a kindred spirit in an aspiring singer played by mumblecore favorite Greta Gerwig.

Have a great weekend, and see you at the movies!


City Island continues 5/07

May 6, 2010

Hello all. You’ll have another week to catch  City Island.  The story follows a tight knit clan of of New Yorkers as they struggle to carry on secret lives separate from each other, while still remaining a unified family.

Enjoy this quirky gem and we’ll see you at the movies!