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2 new indies for 7/30

July 29, 2010

The UFS is on a roll!  After the smashingly successful arrival of Winter’s Bone last Friday (which will be held over for another week, in case you missed it), we’ve got yet another two new limited release films rolling into Greenville this weekend, starting 7/30!

First up is the whimsical new crime comedy (crimedy?) from French magical-realist Jean-Pierre Jeunet.  Micmacs features the comically violent misadventures of Bazil, a chronically unlucky gent who seeks revenge on the weapons manufacturers he deems responsible for his myriad mishaps.

Second on the roster is Coco Chanel and Igor Stravinsky, a 1920s period drama centering on the titular pair as they meet, embark on an affair, and act as muse for one another, thus ushering in an era of great artistic triumph for each in their respective field.

Two excellent date movies for the weekend!  These films are exclusively at Cherrydale cinemas, so see you there!


Another 2 for 7/23

July 22, 2010

Hey film buffs, we’ve got more exciting summer fare rolling in this weekend!  Two new films are coming exclusively to Cherrydale cinemas this Friday, 7/23.

First, we’re welcoming a gritty thriller that has the critics chomping at the bit: Winter’s Bone.  The story follows a teenage girl as she embarks on a harrowing search mission for her convict father along the criminal underbelly of the backwoods Ozark wilderness.  This one features a star-making performance by relative newcomer Jennifer Lawrence, so be sure to check it out.

Second, we’re bringing in a light Italian comedy to add a little balance.  Mid-August Lunch is a loose, breezy slice-of-life from writer/director/actor Gianni Di Gregorio that focuses on the wining, dinning, and personal politics that arise over the course of a single busy afternoon (in mid-August, presumably).

See you at the movies this weekend!


2 new indies for 7/16

July 15, 2010

Hello filmy family!  The UFS has two new limited release films starting Friday, 7/16, exclusively at Cherrydale cinemas.

First up, we’ve got Cyrus, the first mainstream outing from fraternal mumblecore auteur duo Mark and Jay Duplass.  The story centers on a down-trodden divorcee (John C. Reilly), who meets the woman of his dreams (Marisa Tomei), only to discover she already has a man in her life–her snarky, manipulative son (Jonah Hill).  Comedy ensues.

Second on the roster is Solitary Man, starring Michael Douglas.  The film focuses on the self-defeating exploits of an aging lothario (Douglas), as he juggles the many women in his life, all while trying to redeem himself in both business and manhood.

It’s an exciting weekend for the upstate, so come on out to the movies!  See you there!


New film for 7/9

July 8, 2010

Hello again indie film fans!  We’ve got an Oscar winner this week (Best Foreign Language Film, 2010), coming to us from Argentina, and starting exclusively at Cherrydale cinemas Friday, 7/9.  The Secret in their Eyes follows an investigator as he writes a true-crime recollection of a murder case he worked 25 years ago, and tracks his further involvement as new clues and nefarious motives bubble up around him as he delves deeper into the past.

As always, thanks for your continued support, and we’ll see you at the movies this weekend!


New film starting 7/2

July 1, 2010

Welcome back friends and members!  We’ve got a great new political documentary this week, starting Friday, 7/2 @ Cherrydale cinemas.  Casino Jack and the United States of Money tracks the swift, volatile rise and fall of Washington lobbyist Jack Abramoff and his exploits that are over-the-top enough to prove that truth really is stranger than fiction.

Click here to view trailer

See you at the movies this weekend!